Resiliency & Recovery Fund Grantees

The Resiliency & Recovery Fund provided grants to strengthen and ensure future sustainability of organizations who continue to meet the needs of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community as we move toward post-pandemic recovery. We distributed grants totaling $750k to the Bay Area nonprofits listed below who are doing extraordinary work to serve our most vulnerable.


AACI — IT upgrades to improve overall data security, access to users, and data flow speeds across four locations for efficient service delivery.

APA Family Support Services — Leadership trainings for high-level and mid-level management, software upgrades, and staff retreat/bonuses for staff retention.

Asian Health Services — Fundraising and communications infrastructure through creative, community-based, storytelling and video content to expand their donor base among younger AAPI professionals and other donors.

Asian Immigrant Women Advocates — Grassroots leadership of Asian immigrant women workers in Oakland Chinatown and the East Bay by revitalizing in-person organizing activities and building ally networks for campaigns.

Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach — Recruitment and trainings of candidates to fill vacant positions. Hiring a training consultant to develop a curriculum for administrative staff to become legal assistants or paralegals to expand their legal services capacity.

Asian Women’s Shelter — Staffing and organizational infrastructure support. Hire and build capacity for administrative staff, launching wellness initiative for existing staff, and integrating new technology to measure program impact.

Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) — Hiring a consultant to help develop and provide a roadmap to implement policies promoting a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) commitment for a more inclusive and supportive work culture.

Charity Cultural Services Center — Supplemental intensive vocational ESL training in an accelerated manner to adults in their culinary programs to improve their employment and career outcomes.

Chinatown Community Development Center — Hiring a consultant for leadership development trainings for newly promoted staff into leadership roles. Building a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) team to benefit the expanding different communities of color clients, and to reconfigure leadership structure so decision making, communication and accountability are more efficient and transparent.

Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco — Hiring a development manager to create a development plan to increase and diversify unrestricted funding sources.

Chinese for Affirmative Action — Recruitment of additional staff, training on best practices for funder relationships, and implementing trainings for new digital security systems and protocols.

Chinese Progressive Association — Trainings to replace vacant key senior/team lead positions by building up mid-level staff capacity through leadership development trainings and coaching support to ensure better understanding of the organization’s decision-making process and practices.

Community Health for Asian Americans (CHAA) — Migrating CHAA’s existing Electronic Health Records system to a new more secure system.

Community Youth Center of San Francisco — Strategic planning and succession planning which was paused during the pandemic to address anti-Asian hate efforts and provide victim support services.

Filipino Community Center — Staff leadership development, strategic planning, and convening limited English proficient essential workers, workers in the medical field, and all frontline workers disproportionately impacted by the pandemic to identify needs and modify services to address these needs.

Gum Moon — Increasing fundraising consultant hours and providing cost-of-living wage increases to existing staff to minimize staff turnover.

Helping Hands East Bay — Expanding board and executive leadership capacity, developing a strategic plan for succession, upgrading technology hardware, and improving HR management with updated policies.

J-Sei — Creating onsite outdoor spaces and adding digital learning stations that provide safe social distance and still allow higher risk seniors to re-engage in the community who remain socially isolated.

Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (JCCCNC) — Technological upgrades to increase revenues by utilizing mobile/touchless/online payment for electronic processing and reporting.

Kimochi — Hiring a paratransit driver to ensure the safety of elderly AAPI seniors in Japantown for neighborhood trips to grocery stores, shopping areas, and cultural activities.

Korean American Community Services — Leadership development, team building retreat, staff salary increases, upgrading one part-time employee to full-time, and technological equipment purchases.

Korean Community Center of the East Bay — Working with marketing and communication consultants to meet with staff, stakeholders, and community members to redefine mission for community wellness. Hiring development staff to increase fundraising and diversify revenue streams.

Kultivate Labs — Migrating existing data and streamlining data collection by integrating a Salesforce Customer Relationship Manager system to better track donors, small businesses, and artist participants under their multiple programs.

Maitri — Provides senior staff leadership development, staff development trainings, and five-year strategic planning.

Nihonmachi Little Friends — Leadership succession planning, assessing and redefining current leadership roles. Modernizing office management administrative and financial/bookkeeping systems.

North East Medical Services — De-escalation training for frontline staff to better equip them with the tools they need to address disruptive patients and for clinic/staff safety.

Samoan Community Development Center — Leadership training for newly promoted managers and an upgrade/redesign of website.

Santa Clara County Asian Law Alliance — Recruiting additional staff, rebuilding volunteerism pool, and providing in-person consultation/services while maintaining COVID-19 safety protocols including rapid testing kits and masks.

Self-Help for the Elderly — Access for monolingual or limited-English proficient job seekers to short-term custodial training with vocational ESL to learn key vocabulary for successful interviewing and to safely work in the field.

Southeast Asian Community Center — Trainings for board members and key staff for improved financial management practices and oversight. Updating HR manual and policies, job descriptions, organization chart, performance goals and evaluations, and compensation levels relative to job roles for better staff retention.

Vietnamese American Community Center of the East Bay — Staff hiring, leadership and professional development, strategic planning, and succession planning.

Vietnamese Voluntary Foundation (VIVO) — Hiring a part-time worker to expand capacity in providing essential services including assisting with government benefits access, education on individual civil and immigrant duties and rights, and access to technology.

Wah Mei School — Hiring an outside firm to work on new branding and updating website to accurately reflect the school’s expanded programs and services to important stakeholders and donors.

Yu-Ai Kai Japanese American Community Senior Service — Revitalizing Senior Day Services program decimated by the pandemic by retaining staff and programs, increasing clients, and upgrading systems from manual tracking for better efficiency.