What We Do

We strive to impact and uplift Asian and Pacific Islander (API) communities in the Bay Area through the following initiatives:

  • We provide grants and services that strengthen community organizations working to improve the lives of the most vulnerable APIs. Our network of over 80 affiliate organizations serve APIs across a wide range of needs including senior and youth services, health and well-being, counseling, legal services, advocacy, civic engagement, and arts and culture.
  • We cultivate leadership by recognizing API leaders who have achieved success and are role models for giving back and making a difference in higher education and in philanthropy.



“The Fund connects the hearts of individuals with the needs of the most disenfranchised groups in the Asian community. Organizations that can connect these two critical dots are rare. The Fund’s insight into community needs and philanthropists’ desires, and their commitment to nonprofits, has been essential to our success.”
– June Lee, Executive Director, Korean Community Center of the East Bay