2014-16 Grant Recipients

Capacity Building & Civic Engagement Initiative

A summary of results from our 2014-16 Capacity Building & Civic Engagement Initiative, including past grantees, is provided below.

CECB infographic v2

2014-2016 Grant Recipients:

Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center $20,000 to transform from a free clinic to an accredited patient centered medical home that will strengthen the Wellness Clinic infrastructure, expand health information technology systems and enable the organization to become a recognized patient-centered medial home in San Francisco.

Asian Immigrant Women Advocates – $20,000 to support and build upon its leadership and campaign work with low-income Asian immigrant women and youth with a focus on working with a consultant to strengthen its fundraising capacity and increase visibility via a strategic messaging and public relations strategy.

Asian Pacific American Community Center – $20,000 to work with a consultant to develop a new strategic plan with a focus on strengthening board-based governance, fundraising efforts and creating a sustainable staffing model.

Asian Women’s Shelter – $30,000 to support working with a consultant to assess past efforts and design a three-year plan for fundraising to support the agency in the current and developing economic climate, strategize with the AWS Board of Directors on their contribution to fundraising and implement, evaluate, and revise new fundraising strategies.

Chinese for Affirmative Action – $30,000 to work with a database architect to design a unified master database to improve administrative and programmatic efficiency, enhance advocacy efforts and strengthen the capacity and impact of six other community-based efforts in the Asian American for Civil Rights and Equality (AACRE) network.

Community Youth Center of San Francisco – $30,000 to work with a fundraising consultant to diversify funding sources, hire  a part-time human resource manager to strengthen HR systems and organizational structure, strengthen staff development and training and increase youth leadership and voice within the CYC program model.

East Bay Asian Youth Center – $20,000 to support the development of a new strategic plan as one cohesive organization with a focus on organizational culture and infrastructure, program services, financial sustainability and branding and marketing.

Filipino Advocates for Justice – $20,000 to support the departure of its  founding executive director by hiring of a consultant to navigate the transition and provide board and staff training, determine best practices from other organizations on transitions and establish a fund development plan.

International Children Assistance Network – $20,000 to support building a foundation of growth with the help of consultants who will guide and  strengthen the board, provide organizational and leadership development training and expand fundraising efforts.

Korean Community Center of the East Bay – $30,000 to support a new initiative that will strengthen the organization’s ability to serve, educate, mobilize and advocate for Korean and other Asian immigrant communities with a focus on leadership development through executive coaching, board trainings and staff development to strengthen their ability to integrate community feedback into their work.

Maitri – $30,000 to support fund and donor development with a focus on growing the base of major donors, investing in donor tracking software, hiring a part-time Development Associate and providing fundraising and leadership training to the board and senior staff.

Vietnamese Youth Development Center – $30,000 to support hiring of a part-time grant writer to increase grants from foundations, corporations and individuals with the development of a cohesive and strategic fund development plan.