2008 Grant Recipients

Health Education on Childhood Obesity in Asian Communities

Childhood obesity has been a growing problem in the US, even among Asian communities. The percentage of Asian American kids in California who are at risk of becoming overweight has risen faster over the previous 10 years than for any other ethnic group. This means that early intervention and health education are important, since being overweight puts people at risk for many health problems, like diabetes and asthma.

Grant Recipients:

APA Family Support Services – $20,000
Asian Health Services – $19,000
Cambodian Community Development, Inc. – $1,000
Chinatown YMCA – $20,000
Community Youth Center – $23,000
Filipinos for Affirmative Action – $18,500
Friends of Children with Special Needs – $10,000
Japanese Community Youth Council – $20,000
Nihonmachi Little Friends – $15,000
Southeast Asian Community Center – $2,500