2016 Essay Winners

[wpspoiler name=”K-5th Grade”]

Best in Class Winners

My Grandmother’s Journey
Carisa Eng, 5th Grade

A Heart of Gold
Mia Furuichi Fong, 5th Grade

Unity of Two Cultures
Martin Leung, 5th Grade

Honorable Mentions

Seeds of Change
Abigail Cheng, 5th Grade

My Dad the Fantastic
Nikki Chindavong, 5th Grade

Hector’s Fight
Jordan Fong, 1st Grade

Race Towards Victory
Kayla Lam, 3rd Grade

The Adventure of a Soccer Boy
Macy Li, 5th Grade

Yiruma! My Gold Medalist
Arjun Pai, 4th Grade


[wpspoiler name=”6-8th Grade”]

Best in Class Winners

My Anchor
Khin Su Hlaing, 7th Grade

In Honor of the Resilient
Lavernne Quilatan, 8th Grade

Blending In, But Sticking Out
Jasmine Yu, 6th Grade

Honorable Mentions

Giving Someone A Gold Medal: Her Journey
Crystal Luong, 8th Grade

A Woman of Will: My Mother
Ivan To, 6th Grade

A Coin Shaped Medal
Keenan Wahab, 6th Grade


[wpspoiler name=”9-12th Grade”]

Best in Class Winners

Silky Dresses
Christine Joy Abella, 12th Grade

Hustle and Heart Set Us Apart
Riki Eijima, 12th Grade

50 to 3650
Taylor Wang, 12th Grade

Honorable Mentions

A Golden Race
Bridget Childs, 11th Grade

Of Rice Porridge and Sacrifice
Jacqueline He, 10th Grade

Zachary Lo, 10th Grade

Frantic to Flee
Darice Wong, 9th Grade