Race Towards Victory

Kayla Lam, 3rd Grade

If I had to award a gold medal to someone, it would be my father. My father’s determination to succeed in America as a first generation Chinese American reminds me of an Olympian running to victory. It is also my father’s strong belief in the value of family that makes me pick him as my gold winner.

My dad has never stopped running to reach his goal of a better life in America. From the moment he stepped on America’s soil, he has never stopped striving for success. Even the bumps of hardships and the chills of gusty wind could not stop him. My father’s English learning was like an athlete jumping over a hurdle. It was difficult and challenging for him, but he was determined to learn.
He overcame his obstacle by working hard and never giving up. Today, he speaks and writes English fluently. My father knows that as long as there is a will, there is a way to reach the finish line. While going to school, he worked multiple jobs to earn money to help out his family. If there is anything my father needs, he will come up with a way to create it with his own hands. He will do his own cookings and make his own clothes just so he can save money. By using his brain and his willingness to work hard, my father is able to reach his goal of success. My father inspired me to do the same.

My father refused to forget the Chinese values his parents taught him. Even though it is important to become an American and learn the American ways, he will not forget the lessons of respecting your parents, observing Chinese traditions, and sticking together as a family. Helping one another as a family is what my father believes in. After all, a family will always be a team and teamwork made it possible for my dad to run to victory as my Olympic champion.

So you ask who I award this gold medal to? It will no doubt be my father. He was willing to take risks. He came to America for a better life. From the sweat of his hard work, he came in first place.