Hector’s Fight

Jordan Fong, 1st Grade

“Chinese are dumb!” screamed Nick. “No one wants to be Chinese,” teased Jason.
Twelve boys surrounded my brother at school as two boys teased him. My brother
had tears in his eyes and felt terrible. When he got home he told our mom he did not
want to be Chinese and Korean. He hated being Asian. He did not want to go to
school. For a month he was so sad and angry. He kept asking, “How can I be teased
at a school in the Mission District where there are so many different types of people?
Will there ever be a place I won’t be teased for being Chinese?”

My brother wrote a letter that was very important to him. He read it to everyone in the
second grade. He told them he was proud to be unique. If everyone was the same, it
would be so boring. He was proud to be Chinese and Korean American.
He was proud to like baseball. He was proud to like math. He said, “I
am proud to be ME!” His classmates clapped and cheered for him. After reading the
letter he felt more powerful and more confident.

Hector is my hero. I would give him a gold medal bigger than the
Golden Gate Bridge. If people ever say hurtful things to me or tease me for being
Chinese or Korean, I will think of my hero and roar like a lion!