My Dad the Fantastic

Nikki Chindavong, 5th Grade

I would give my dad a gold medal for many reasons. Reason number one, my dad persevered through tough times when he was younger. My dad lived through poverty in Laos and Thailand refugee camp before coming to the US. He started fifth grade in the US without knowing any English. Today, he is a successful Quality Control Manager (QCM). Reason number two, my dad has always been there for me, from when I was born until now. I am now ten years old. An example was when there was a fire near my house; I was scared, he told me not to worry because I have my parents. He taught me to be myself no matter what. He also taught me how to play sports, ride a bike, swim, and also introduced me to the wonderful game of golf. My dad sacrificed some of his days after work for two summers to take me to swimming lessons. For this reason, I have learned how to swim very well. My dad also gave up some of his golf tournaments to be my caddy at my tournaments. A caddy is a person who carries the player’s bag and talks to the player to help her make the correct decision. My third reason why I would give my dad a gold medal is because he loves me no matter what. One example of this is he tries to cheer me up when I am feeling frustrated or upset.

My dad taught me not to run away from problems. He told me to face them and deal with them. An example of this is, I had a writing assessment and I felt that I didn’t have enough time to finish it, so I was going to quit, my dad told me not to and to just finish it, and I did. He also taught me to work hard. He said, “If you work hard, you will be rewarded and go far in life.” For example, when I studied and practiced hard, I got an A plus on my test and placed in top five for my tournaments. My dad takes me camping every year to create childhood memories such as roasting S’mores and to learn about nature. This year, I am eager to learn how to make fire. One thing I am looking forward to learn from my dad is how to teach my children how to play golf.

In conclusion, I believe my dad deserves a gold medal. As I said before, my dad has faced many difficult situations, and yet he is a successful person. He always cares about me no matter what. He is always there for me and will do anything to protect me. He is the best dad in the world, in my opinion. So, based on all my information, do you think my dad deserves a gold medal?