The Boy Who Gets to Eat Everything

Miles Johnston, Honorable Mention
1st Grade
Santa Rosa

My name is Miles.  I live in Santa Rosa, Californya. I am in first grade. My mom is from China and my dad is from Sacramento.

I like food because it helps you becum stronger .then you can do more things. I like that thar are meny flavers and I like how food looks. I like that there are many types of food. Makeing food is fun.

I like many tipes of food. In our famlie we eat chinese and Americine food. My favorit Chines foods are oring chickin, tofu, rice, blak bins, sushi, seaweeds. Chines food has a lot of diferint kinds and a lotof flavor, it explodes with flavor like sweet, spicy, sour and you can eat it with chopsticks. My mom is teching me to cook Chines food. I can make oring chicken, chinese crapes, dumplings and porig.

My faverit thing about Amerucin food is that it includes foods from many different countries like Italy, Mexco and others. My faverits are hot dogs, pizza, cheesebrgrs, pikls, salids, olivs, salsa, incholodos, chaklit garlik bread, noodles. I think noodls are very incheresting. We eat noodles from china, jopan, italy, tiland and they are all rile diforint. I like that. I also like all the difrint shapes of noodles. I like one called rotini the best, it is shapt like a spring.

We eat a lot of vegetables and fruits in our house. My faverists are carrits, lettuce, apple, banana, corn, ptatoe, mango, strobary, seaweed. My school has a huge gardin. I am lerning that we get food from thar. We rite in our gardin gernels and keep track of wat is growing.

Food makes me feel good. I feel luky that I get to eat Chinese food and Amaricin food. I like how the house smells wen food is cooking. And most of all I like that my famly eats diner together every night.