2014 Essays Winning Entries

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The Simplest Things in Life
Elizabeth Wang / Winner

Special Foods
Keira Nakamura / Runner Up

Dim Sum Warms My Heart
Shannon Ma / Runner Up

Tasting My Way Home
Abigail Cheng / Honorable Mention

The Boy Who Gets to Eat Everything
Miles Johnston / Honorable Mention

Food is Where The Heart Is
Sanya Khan / Honorable Mention

Fish Wing Soup
Titus Tsai / Honorable Mention

Sweet and Sour
Ellen Zhang / Honorable Mention


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An Asian In America
Lakpa Guta / Winner

Chocolates for Dried Squid
Arianna Le / Runner Up

Ke Ren
Christy Koh / Runner Up

From Taishan to Marin County: Tradition and Recipe of Tang Yuan
Kenji Ma / Honorable Mention

Food For Thought
Mira Ramachandran / Honorable Mention

The Moment
Cindy Vu / Honorable Mention


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Stir Fried to Heaven
Riley Fong/ Winner

Sahana Rangarajan/ Runner Up

Edible Empowerment
Kenny Okagaki/ Runner Up

Food For Thought and After Thoughts
Agnes Bautista / Honorable Mention

Raj Bhargava / Honorable Mention

Grandmother’s Kitchen
Pooja Desai / Honorable Mention