2009 Essays Winning Entries

[wpspoiler name=”K-5th Grade” ]

Musical Changes
Sahana Narayanan / 1st Place

Change Your Assumptions
Claire Dworsky / 2nd Place

Global Warming: A Problem Today
Sonia Sachar / 3rd Place


[wpspoiler name=”6th-8th Grade” ]

The Desperate Eyes of the Children
Tiffany On / 1st Place

Change in Me
Jalena Keane Lee / 2nd Place

Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, Or Do Without!
Richa Wadekar / 3rd Place


[wpspoiler name=”9th-12th Grade” ]

A Respite
Christina Ma / 1st Place

Empowering Social Change
Sejal Hathi / 2nd Place

Making Educational Changes for a More Perfect World
Mary Xu / 12th Grade