APF Advisory Council Member Spotlight: Matthew Chin

The Asian Pacific Fund (APF) has welcomed Matthew Chin, President of Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc., as one of our newest Advisory Council members.

As part of APF’s Advisory Council, Matthew will help increase our impact by providing his knowledge and expertise to advance our strategic goals, promote our work, and support our annual fundraising efforts.

I’m honored to serve as the President of Prince of Peace Enterprises, a respected family business renowned for its exceptional range of Wisconsin American Ginseng products and the iconic Tiger Balm brand of topical analgesics.

Prior to stepping into this role, my career path has been diverse and enriching. From my tenure at global corporations like Nike and Eli Lilly to my experience with a boutique consultancy in Shanghai, I’ve gained valuable insights across various industries, including retail, pharmaceuticals, and health & wellness.

Academically, I hold an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, complemented by a BA in Economics from the University of California, San Diego.

My leadership philosophy is deeply rooted in upholding the core values of Prince of Peace Enterprises. We prioritize integrity, nurturing meaningful connections, and delivering exceptional service, and I’m committed to preserving and enhancing these principles.

Outside of work, my personal life brings me immense joy. Celebrating nine years of marriage with my wife, Jess, is a testament to our enduring partnership. We are blessed with two wonderful children, Joshua (6) and Jordan (4), who are our pride and joy.

I am dedicated to leading Prince of Peace Enterprises with integrity, vision, and a commitment to excellence as we continue to make meaningful contributions to the business community.

I am privileged to be invited into this role. I joined the advisory council to change the game for the Asian community in the Bay Area.

A big inspiration is my grandmother, who immigrated to the US in 1967 from Hong Kong to enable us to have a better life. Now, our family has experienced intergenerational flourishing and the removal of barriers. I wish for every Asian in America to have that experience.

As I recently succeeded my uncle as president of Prince of Peace Enterprises, the importance of stewarding the Asian experience in both our employees and the products we sell is crucial. I see this advisory role as an extension of our values and vision of the company. I am excited to see how more partnerships and collaboration can happen across Asian-led businesses and NGOs.

My biggest hope is to see us build more intergenerational infrastructure that enables all in the AAPI community to access opportunities and basic needs. We would see a substantial increase in honor of the elderly, stronger representation in leadership spheres across society, and a more equitable representation in media. We would not be raising hundreds of thousands, but millions of dollars that can flow to those truly in need.

We would see many more AAPI-run organizations and companies that contribute and catalyze real solutions that improve the lives of those in the community. There would be an increase in unity and collaboration that would lead to shifts in tangible economic factors of the city.