2024 AANHPI Summit Speaker: Amy Grace Lam, PhD

Amy Grace Lam, PhD
Chief Program Strategist
Korean Community Center of the East Bay

Amy Grace Lam, PhD (she/they), is a Canadian-born Chinese American genderqueer nonprofit strategist, healer, and artist. For over 20 years, Amy has explored health, healing, and transformation through innovation, creativity, and blending Eastern and Western frameworks and strategies. Amy is currently the Chief Program Strategist at the Korean Community Center of the East Bay, where she and her co-workers have integrated K-drama, taichi, senior street smarts, community advocacy, art, and holistic wellness to promote healing in a culturally responsive manner for immigrants and refugees.

Amy is also Director of Innovation and Narrative Change at San Francisco State University within the Asian American Collection Action for Racial Equity and Solidarity Initiative, supporting the production of three plays addressing community healing. Finally, Amy is the founder of Vibrational Energy Coaching & Activation, a transformational healing modality based on Taoist philosophy and practices to reconnect oneself with one’s mind-body-spirit.

Amy’s writing has been featured in academic and literary journals. Her performances, installations, and music have been presented at museums, galleries, performance venues, public parks, and the radio. Amy is an advisor for A Place of Her Own, a community-based art organization for women of color, and ARTogether, an arts organization offering arts-based programs that support the flourishing of refugees and immigrant communities.

Amy grew up in NY con un corazón latino and speaks conversational Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin. She is currently working on her play Out of the Box, a hybrid experimental VR theater experience.