New Advisory Council Member Spotlight: Gary Kiang

New Advisory Council Member Spotlight: Gary Kiang

The Asian Pacific Fund (APF) is excited to welcome Gary Kiang, CFO of Apeximmune Therapeutics and Banner Edge Media, as one of our newest Advisory Council members.

As part of APF’s Advisory Council, Gary will help increase our impact by providing her knowledge and expertise to advance our strategic goals, promote our work, and support our annual fundraising efforts.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello, my name is Gary, and I was born and raised in the Philadelphia area and am a die-hard Philadelphia sports fan (Fly Eagles Fly!). I received both my undergraduate and MBA degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, and I have spent most of my career in the finance industry, starting as an investment banker at Merrill Lynch in New York and then moving to the Bay Area, where I was a portfolio manager for Franklin Templeton Investments for over 15 years. In the past two years, I have transitioned to more operational roles with companies, serving as a CFO of a biotech and a digital media company while also serving as a financial advisor to others. In my spare time, I enjoy watching Philly sports, eating, and trying and failing to convince my daughter that I am cool. 

What inspired you to join the Asian Pacific Fund’s AC, and what excites you most in this new role?

I grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia that was not very diverse, such that to many of my neighbors and friends, I was the only Asian that they had ever met. I remember going to college where for the first time, I met a larger Asian community and realized that all of my new Asian classmates were also highly encouraged by their parents to get straight A’s as well. In addition, I learned that many of my new friends had similar stories of hard-working immigrant parents who instilled a strong work ethic in their children. The Asian Pacific Fund inspires me because of the mission of strengthening our community by giving back, sharing knowledge, and supporting each other, a type of support my mother and I didn’t have when I was growing up. I really appreciate the good fortune I have had here in America, and my wife and I have tried to help those in our community who are coming up behind us. We have donated a scholarship to support Asian American women and volunteered for educational and philanthropic organizations. I am so excited and thankful to be a part of the APF as it works to fulfill its mission.

As we look towards the next decade for the Asian Pacific Fund, what are your hopes for APF and our AAPI community as an APF Advisory Council member?

My hope for the AAPI community going forward is that we will continue to grow stronger, louder, and very clearly and obviously support each other. My hope is that when one member of the AAPI community is wronged or hurt, that means all members of the community will feel the same pain and will respond as a very powerful group to right the wrong. Our community is filled with so many talented and wonderful members that if we all stand together and support each other, there is great hope for a wonderful future for all members of the AAPI community.