Board of Directors

Tom Cole, Chair

Venture Partner, TransLink Capital

“Having been involved with the Asian Pacific Fund for twenty years, I have had the opportunity to witness the invaluable work the organization does for the Asian and Pacific Islander community. I am so grateful for the existence of the Asian Pacific Fund, without which the API community would lack needed visibility and support for the important issues facing it, and I’m thrilled to be able to support it directly with my time and resources.”

Tom Cole is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital and angel investor, startup CEO, entrepreneur, board member, and advisor with a diverse and proven 25-year track record across the software, Internet, and e-commerce sectors.… Read More

Nelson Ishiyama, Treasurer

President, Ishiyama Corporation;
Trustee of California Academy of Sciences

Nelson Ishiyama is the president of Ishiyama Corporation, a diversified family company with operations in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and the Far East. He previously practiced antitrust litigation for 17 years. He left the practice of law to build and operate Henry’s Fork Lodge in Idaho. He is an avid outdoorsman and passionate fly fisherman with strong interests in environmental issues and the natural sciences.… Read More

Emerald Yeh, Secretary

Former Anchor, KRON4

“As one of the founding board members in 1993, I remember clearly our vision of catalyzing Asian American wealth for public good in a way not done before. With your help, we are shaping a dynamic Asian philanthropic presence in the Bay Area, ensuring that overlooked needs in the Asian community are addressed through millions of grant and scholarship dollars.”

Emerald Yeh is an nine-time Emmy Award-winning television journalist who served as an anchor for 19 years at KRON4 in San Francisco.… Read More

Andrew Ly, Immediate Past Chair

President & Chief Executive Officer, Ly Brothers Corporation and Sugar Bowl Bakery

Andrew Ly founded Sugar Bowl Bakery in 1984 with his four brothers, and became president and chief executive officer of its parent company Ly Brothers Corporation in 1993. Named one of the “Top 15 Food and Beverage Manufacturers in the Bay Area” by the San Francisco Business Times in 2008, Sugar Bowl Bakery is one of the largest family-owned and operated bakeries in Northern California, with customers worldwide.… Read More

Neel Chatterjee

Partner, Goodwin Procter LLP

Neel Chatterjee is a partner in Goodwin’s Intellectual Property practice. An internationally recognized technology litigator and trial lawyer, Mr. Chatterjee has a proven track record of wins in hard-to-win technology cases. Mr. Chatterjee has a passion for representing entrepreneurs and disruptive technology companies, even at their earliest stages. His cases often break new ground in undefined areas of the law. Clients frequently turn to Mr. Chatterjee shortly before trial to handle complex technology cases.… Read More

Steve Chen

Co-Founder and Former Chief Technology Officer, YouTube

Steve Chen is an internet entrepreneur and is best known as the co-founder and former chief technology officer of YouTube. He was instrumental in building YouTube – a site which has had a profound impact on the way we communicate, learn and connect. He played a key role in launching the company and turning it into the world’s premier entertainment destination.

With his success, Steve has also become a role model for the next generation of Asian American philanthropists.… Read More

Kathy Chou

Senior Vice President, Sales Strategy and Operations, VMware

Kathy Chou is Senior Vice President of Sales Strategy and Operations for VMware. Previously, she was Senior Vice President of Sales Strategy and Operations for Informatica. Prior to this, Kathy was Vice President of Sales Operations and Strategy at Intuit. Before that, she was HP’s Vice President of Strategy and Operations for the Personal Systems Group (PSG) in the Americas region, where she was responsible for driving sales strategy.… Read More

David Chun

Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Equilar

“As an immigrant myself, I saw how our family struggled and recognize that other people do too. Our generation finds itself in more white-collar jobs than our predecessors, and is in a better position to give. As we’ve grown into our professions, we’ve been able to raise ourselves up, so there’s more of an inclination to help others here, to share what we’ve earned.”

David has led Equilar from a start-up in 2000 to one of the most respected and trusted names in the executive compensation industry.… Read More

Peter Y. Chung

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Summit Partners;
Trustee of California Academy of Sciences

Peter Y. Chung is a Managing Director and the Chief Executive Officer of Summit Partners, L.P., a global growth equity investment firm which he joined in 1994. Based in Summit’s Palo Alto office, Peter is active in the firm’s investment activities in North America, Europe and Asia. Prior to Summit, he worked in Mergers & Acquisitions at Goldman, Sachs & Co.… Read More

Jan Kang

Acting General Counsel, Makani

“As a former member of the Asian Pacific Fund Advisory Council, I’ve had a front row seat in seeing how the Fund operates and the value it brings to a community that many don’t recognize as being underserved. The Asian Pacific Fund sees that need, and I am honored to now serve on the Board and work with its amazing staff and other Board members to help many more members of the Asian community.”

Jan Kang is the Acting General Counsel at Makani, a renewable energy company.… Read More

Michele Lau

Senior Vice President, Corporate Secretary & Associate General Counsel, McKesson Corporation

As McKesson’s chief corporate, governance and transactions counsel, Michele manages Board affairs and shareholder engagement on governance matters, and advises McKesson’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee regarding a wide range of corporate matters. Michele leads a team of approximately 30 people in the United States and Ireland, and is responsible for legal matters across the enterprise relating to mergers and acquisitions, McKesson Ventures, corporate strategy, securities, executive compensation, corporate governance, antitrust, debt, treasury, bankruptcy, real estate, subsidiary governance and stock administration.… Read More

Raj Mathai

Anchor & Journalist, NBC Bay Area

“When I immigrated from Mumbai to Palo Alto in 1977, there was no Asian Pacific Fund. I wish there was. In recent years, I’ve seen firsthand how the Fund impacts the Bay Area Asian/Pacific Islander community and changes lives. As our community continues to grow, the role of the Asian Pacific Fund is even more valuable as the organization not only helps people with grants and guidance, but also helps build community by encouraging those who have “made it” to give back.”

Ten-time Emmy award winner Raj Mathai is the weeknight news anchor for NBC Bay Area.… Read More

Michael A. Yoshikami

Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Destination Wealth Management

“I decided to join the Board because it’s clear to me that this is a group of volunteers firmly committed to the principles of serving others less fortunate than many of us. The sincerity and kindness of the people, combined with the mission of the Fund, was just a perfect fit for me and my value system.”

Michael Yoshikami, Ph.D., CFP®, is CEO and Founder of Destination Wealth Management and Chairman of DWM’s Portfolio Strategy Committee.… Read More

Robert Lee

Board Emeritus

Robert Lee is the former Chairman of the Board of Blue Shield of California. He was previously the Chairman of the Committee of 100 (2002-2006) and has been a member of that organization since 1991. Bob has also served on the board of Broadvision.

Bob retired from Pacific Bell in May 1998. At the time of his retirement, he was a corporate Executive Vice President (EVP) and President of Business Communications Services, which included responsibility for $3 billion in revenue and 15,000 employees.… Read More

Raymond L. Ocampo Jr.

Board Emeritus

Raymond L. Ocampo Jr. is president and chief executive officer of Samurai Surfer LLC, a private investment and consulting company, and is a board member of Actuate Corporation and H5, Inc. He retired in November 1996 as senior vice president, general counsel and secretary of Oracle Corporation after serving as its chief legal counsel for more than a decade. Before joining Oracle Corporation in 1986, Ray specialized in antitrust and complex litigation with various law firms in San Francisco.… Read More

Jerry Yang

Board Emeritus

Jerry Yang is an entrepreneur most famed as the co-founder of the Yahoo! navigational guide and the co-founder and the former Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo! Inc. In his time with Yahoo!, Jerry played a key role in managing and developing the company’s business policies, international ventures and improving its vision.

Jerry currently works with and invests in technology entrepreneurs through AME Cloud Ventures, a venture fund he co-founded.… Read More