Vinita & Naren Gupta

“The way I think about all donations is the impact my donation has on society, on special individuals. And if you dig deep into Asian Pacific Fund’s activities, we probably get the most benefit out of every dollar we spend.” – Naren Gupta

Vinita and Naren Gupta are active in Silicon Valley business, yet still make time to help the causes in their community that are important to them. They have supported the Asian Pacific Fund’s annual campaign because they value the work the Fund is doing to help the community and to help others give back.… Read More

Dado & Maria Banatao

“Maria and I hope this will inspire students to dream big and to make the sacrifices needed to continue their education so they can fully contribute to society and make their dreams a reality,” said Dado. “Having grown up in a rural area of the Philippines, my background has made me passionate about education. I know how education can transform lives, because it transformed mine.” – Dado Banatao

Setting up a scholarship program has given us a chance to use philanthropy to pass on our family values.… Read More

Pat & C.K. Chow

“You think I helped you, but you helped me. Now I don’t have to worry. The trust gives me income to take care of myself and my husband. And I thank God for that.” – Pat Chow

Pat Chow says about setting up her charitable remainder trust through the Asian Pacific Fund. Selling her rental property freed her from having to manage the property. The sale proceeds went into the trust, which provides Pat and C.K.… Read More