Speaking Loud

Elaine C. Park, 3rd Place
2nd Grade
San Ramon

Hi! I am a funny little monkey called Elaine Park! Don’t sit on me because I am not a park you can play on, it’s just my last name! Also, my dad calls me seven eleven because I never stop talking at home. I am seven years old, and I lived in a old, cold Oakland. Now, I live in awesome San Ramon! My birthday is on September 29, 2002, which makes me year of the horse. I like having fun, and I love writing fun essays. I am sometimes shy but I talk too much so my dad calls me a robot that talks too much. My favorite thing to do is TALK!

My goal is to talk louder in the classroom because every time my teacher makes me answer a question, she tells me to talk louder. Talking loud is very hard for me. This even happened in first grade! All of my teachers said to speak loudly except my kindergarten teacher and pre-school teacher. Talking loud is hard because my voice is soft. So, I need to talk louder!

This goal was set when it was begining of second grade when my grandparents came and told me a story about Korea. That’s when I begged my mom and dad if I could go to Korea. This is so important to my heart because I love Korea even if I haven’t gone yet. One day, I said I want to go to Korea so my parents told me, “If you speak loud in class, you can go to Korea.” The minute I heard the good news I screamed because I was too happy. The next day, I asked questions about Korea. When I walked to school in the morning with my mom I asked her questions. Every day, I’m sooo hyper because of Korea. I think that’s even my wish! Now the past is gone and the future is going to change me! When my teacher calls on me, I Speak loudly so she doesn’t need to say “speak loud!”

I will speak loud! I’m gonna make myself change. When my teacher tells me to answer questions, speak louder every time.

I will feel so happy when my voice is loud all the time because that means I have reached my goal, so I could finally go to Korea.