Solidarity Fund Grantees

The Solidarity Fund, launched in partnership with Comcast, NBC Bay Area and Telemundo 48, provides grants to organizations working to address the devastating impact of the surge in anti-Asian violence and racism. We are pleased to announce our first round of grants, totaling $425K, to the Bay Area nonprofits listed below who are doing extraordinary work to meet this moment of need.


AAPI Women Lead — Racial solidarity work, educational webinars on anti-Asian violence, cross-racial community-safety online seminars led by community-safety/defense experts, and healing workshops led by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) healing practitioners.

APA Family Support Services — Mental health and counseling sessions for incident trauma, safety precaution workshops, a multi-lingual stress hotline, and two community projects that promote racial solidarity with other non-API communities.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus — Presentations of Bystander Intervention Trainings to AAPI serving nonprofits, in partnership with Hollaback!, to share strategies of the 5D’s – Direct, Distract, Delegate, Delay, and Document to empower individuals when they are witnesses or victims of an incident.

Asian Health Services — Workshops to address the significant mental health impacts on the AAPI community who have been victims of, or witnessed, anti-Asian racism and violence in Oakland Chinatown with trauma/self-care workshops, warm telephone line for community resources, and racial justice training for staff.

Asian Law Alliance — Additional staffing to meet the needs of more AAPI victims of verbal/physical attacks and advise them about the importance of reporting incidents, assist with incident reporting, provide legal options, and mental health support referrals when needed.

Asian Pacific Environmental Network — Collaboration with other community allies to organize and educate community members in Oakland’s Chinatown area to develop messaging to strengthen Black and Asian solidarity, develop prevention-based and community-oriented policies and programs, and support allies planning to restart Oakland’s Chinatown Ambassadors Program.

Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach — Hiring of a clinic coordinator and supervising attorney to support expansion of their virtual multilingual legal clinics where families, individuals, and businesses targeted by anti-Asian hate crimes can receive no cost consultations with attorneys regarding their legal options.

AYPAL — Youth community-led efforts to respond to incidents in Oakland Chinatown by strengthening solidarity, particularly between Black and Asian communities using arts activism, narrative building events, and helping to develop prevention-based and community-oriented program ideas and policy solutions.

Chinatown YMCA — Hiring of a facilitator to lead trauma informed/healing sessions for staff members in the API Health Parity Coalition, a coalition of thirty AAPI health-related organizations located in San Francisco, to address their own mental health issues, discuss cultural barriers on staying silent, learn tools on speaking up; to be used as a model when advising AAPI clients to find their own voice in helping them heal.

Community Youth Center of San Francisco — Strategic planning for the Coalition of Community Safety and Justice to increase the collective capacity to create alternatives to safety and justice through building a Chinese American city-wide network of violence intervention and prevention programs, investing in cross-cultural racial and restorative justice programming, and expanding community street outreach programs that connect victims/families of crime to city departments and local nonprofits for culturally appropriate wraparound services in a timely manner.

East Bay Asian Youth Center — A Peace Ambassador program in Oakland by hiring members of Trybe Peace Ambassadors to escort elderly residents resulting in a multiracial, multi-ethnic team of residents building supportive relationships within the neighborhood to foster a safer and welcoming community.

Filipino Advocates for Justice — A state-wide and national conversation on Anti-Asian violence through the Asian American leaders table and the Oakland Chinatown Coalition, and also supports healing space convenings for organizers, staff and community members.

Friends of Children with Special Needs — Series of Safety Empowerment training for individuals with special needs and their families to learn and practice strategies to protect themselves.

Gum Moon — Four self-defense workshops in partnership with Self-Defense for the People and the San Francisco Police Department, four Zoom mental health support groups, and distribution of self-defense kits, for seniors and parents.

ICAN — Hosting community sessions for Vietnamese seniors and limited English speakers to learn about fears, issues and safety needs, to be summarized and presented to community leaders, community organizations, and government agencies to inform and develop future strategies.

Korean American Community Services — Workshops for Korean seniors and families regarding safety issues, distributing personal safety alarms, and hosting forums to educate community leaders and members on how to stop hate crimes as a community and what to do if you are a victim. Workshops in Korean will be uploaded onto KACS’s YouTube channel and website.

Korean Community Center of the East Bay — Training for volunteers to conduct Safety Checks for seniors which will provide basic mental health support/check-ins, safety plans, distribution of personal safety alarms, and follow-up mental health support for those who have been impacted by an anti-Asian incident and/or violence. The grant also supports development of tangible solutions for essential workers in small businesses who face harassment, vandalism and petty theft in and around their storefront.

Self-Help for the Elderly — Expanding their Emergency In-Home Supportive Services by including personal escort services for seniors in SF Chinatown during this next 4 months for doctor’s appointments, banks, grocery-shopping, and social service/government appointments.

Southeast Asian Community Center — Educational workshops and translated materials for Vietnamese seniors and the community on safety precautions, resources that are available if you become a victim, witness bystander information, how to protect yourself when alone, guidance/assistance in reporting a crime, and mental health support if needed.

SteppingStone — Increased efforts to ensure senior safety and well-being by home deliveries of food and necessary supplies, in-person doorstep assessments, and online therapies.

Taulama for Tongans — Ongoing mental health and well-being for isolated seniors by staying connected with weekly Zoom programs and addressing the increasing rise in violence against AAPIs.

Vietnamese American Community Center of the East Bay — Outreach and education on senior safety precautions through their online citizenship and ESL classes and supports translated printed materials on senior safety to be included with their meal service/delivery program for Chinese and Vietnamese seniors living in and around Oakland.