Beautiful Coral – My Chinese Name

Lishan Nan Caroll, 1st Place
1st Grade

My mommy says Chinese names set expectations for life. My mommy’s name is 王立華(Lihua). It means Build up China. But I think she wants to climb trees instead.

My name is 麗珊 (Lishan). It means Beautiful Coral. I want to Be healthy and to be beautiful. Coral is Sharp! I must read Books and study.

My dog’s name is Sparky. Her Chinese name is 兔兔 (bunny). Could she be a bunny? No! But she can jump and sometimes she eats carrots.

My dad’s name is Glenn. His Chinese name is 野平. It means wild and calm. My did is not wild. But sometimes he Barks like a wild dog.

My mom’s dad’s name is 金堂 (gold house). I wonder if the gold house has windows? Because we can’t see inside him where the gold should Be.

My mom’s mom’s name is 龍珍 (Precious Dragon). She is not like a dragon but She is very Precious and Special.

What’s in a Chinese name? Where does it come from? Usually the parents. The Chinese name tells some expectations from the parents. The Child hears the name, learns the expectations, then decides to try to do them _____ or not! I think it is better to try but not always. Yes, you should listen to your Chinese name, to the ideas of your parents and ancestors, But you must also be true to your heart.