Filipino American Heritage Month Spotlight: Fred Seguritan, Asian Pacific Fund Advisory Council Member

The Asian Pacific Fund’s Advisory Council helps increase our impact by providing their knowledge and expertise to advance our strategic goals, promote our work, and support our annual fundraising efforts.

This Filipino American Heritage Month, we shine the spotlight on one of our Advisory Council members, Frederick “Fred” Seguritan, Founder of Sajor Capital and a proud Filipino American.

Fred with his parents, Reuben and Corazon Seguritan

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Fred Seguritan, the Founder of Sajor Capital, and I take great pride in my Filipino American heritage. My roots are in New York, where I was born in Flushing and raised in Long Island. I pursued my education at Johns Hopkins University and launched my career at Goldman Sachs in New York after graduating. In 2002, I made a move to San Francisco to join a hedge fund and spent many years in the investment management industry. I professionally worked in this field until 2018, after which I transitioned to managing my own capital. I’ve since diversified my investments into public and private companies as well as real estate. Over the last several years, I’ve also dedicated a portion of my time to engaging with privately held companies, aiming to invest in the dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem and provide support to emerging businesses wherever I can.

Fred, his wife Demi, and their two children

What inspired you to join the Asian Pacific Fund’s Advisory Council, and what excites you most in this role?

The inspiration for joining the Asian Pacific Fund’s Advisory Council stems from my lifelong belief in the transformative power of education and the desire to make a meaningful impact within the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. Throughout most of my career, I found myself deeply engrossed in professional commitments, often consumed by work and frequent travel. As a result, active participation in community activities was challenging. However, I firmly believed I could still contribute through the gift of giving.

In 2007, my wife and I established a scholarship program that was initially administered by a nonprofit organization founded by my father, the Filipino American Human Services, Inc. Our scholarship provided financial support to deserving Filipino American students. Over time, we recognized the importance of extending our reach to support a broader spectrum of the AAPI community. Given my wife’s Vietnamese heritage and passionate commitment to community service through education, we decided to broaden our scholarship program’s scope. We firmly believe in the life-changing potential of education to unlock opportunities and open doors. To better facilitate this expanded vision, we chose to collaborate with the Asian Pacific Fund. We were drawn to this organization due to its mission and the dedicated individuals involved.

By establishing a scholarship fund with the Asian Pacific Fund, we aimed to provide vital financial assistance to deserving students, particularly those who may not have all the necessary financial means to afford higher education. Our partnership with the fund aligns with our core values and serves as a means to give back to the underserved Asian communities in the Bay Area.

As a Filipino American, how would you say your role with the Asian Pacific Fund has helped you connect and give back to your FilAm community and AAPI community as a whole?

My dad is from a town called Cabugao in Ilocos Sur, and my mother is from Manila, so growing up, my parents were always been quite active in the Filipino American community. They always reminded me to not forget where I came from, or where they came from, and so even as a kid, they would bring me to the Philippines and show me where they were from, and where they lived. I met my family members there, and I just immersed in the culture there. Even in New York, far from the Philippines, my parents continued to nurture this connection by taking me to Filipino cultural events as a way to stay in touch with my culture and community, and I inherited their commitment to actively participating in community activities.

Being part of the Asian Pacific Fund enables me to support this growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Philippines, contributing to its development and success. Through my investments, I can actively participate in the progress of the country and help drive its economic growth. Additionally, the scholarship I’ve established with the Asian Pacific Fund is another means of giving back. While it benefits Filipino Americans, it also extends support to other AAPI youth. Education is a powerful equalizer, and by providing scholarships, we empower the next generation of AAPI students to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.

Fred’s parents with their grandchildren at a Philippine Independence Day parade in New York, where Fred’s father, Reuben, serves as a Grand Marshall

The Asian Pacific Fund is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, but as we look towards the next decade, what are your hopes for APF and our AAPI community as an APF Advisory Council member?

AAPI-American voices are growing louder and stronger, calling for an end to the hate and bringing hope for a more united future. Now more than ever, it’s important to engage and bring to light the issues that affect the AAPI community. As an APF Advisory Council member, I’m honored to celebrate our heritage and work towards building a brighter tomorrow. I hope that I can make a positive impact like the wider API Community has made on me… and make my ancestors proud.