A Golden Perspective

Allison Wei Choe, 2nd Place
4th Grade

A Golden Perspective

I saw the dawn shift —
Plucking the night from my dreams,
The rising sun glowed like a red Chinese lantern,
Caressing the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge.

I gazed at a scarlet salmon
Leaping through the air,
Time after time,
Working against raging currents and predators,
To the place it wanted to go.
It made me think —
Asian Americans are unwavering, too.
Courage, diligence, perseverance are in our blood.
The bridges we have crossed are not without bumps and cracks,
And our journeys have not been without hardships.
But we are capable of reaching our dreams
In this land of opportunity.

I walked slowly to the railing
And peered at the powerful ocean.
The bridge brings strangers together,
For a moment in time,
Sharing an admiration of its magical beauty.
If this bridge could think,
I’m sure it wouldn’t care
About our different looks, languages, tastes and ideas.

I saw the fog roll in,
Enveloping the elegantly arched bridge.
The bridge suddenly seemed to come alive,
With a spirit and soul,
Connecting all generations and races,
Building an understanding of one another.
Its tools are emotions,
The steel it lays down is compassion.

I glanced over at my family as they laughed together,
Feeling blessed to have so much love.
Mom’s friend visiting from Asia framed and snapped
Every angle of his family on the bridge,
Capturing everlasting memories of their trip.
Even if this bridge looks different from the others,
It serves the same noble purpose.
It is the glue that holds families and friends together.

A globe of sun called to the waking world,
Atop the towering structure of orange metal.
Flocks of seagulls clustered on the beams,
Sea lions sang in harmony,
Celebrating the bridge’s anniversary today.
Tourists from all over the world gasped in awe.
My heart pounded with an overwhelming feeling of joy —
Proud to be an Asian American
Through and Through.