APF 30 for 30

Founded in 1993, the Asian Pacific Fund is the only community foundation dedicated to improving the lives of underserved and marginalized Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the Bay Area.

Over our three decades of work, the Asian Pacific Fund has raised more than $60 million for our community, supported a network of more than 90 nonprofit affiliates, distributed more than 480 grants, and delivered more than 40 capacity-building trainings to this network.

We have only reached this 30th-anniversary milestone thanks to the support of the many individuals and groups who have worked in front of and behind the scenes, allowing us to celebrate three decades of building strength, leading with courage, and creating belonging.

Banatao Family Filipino American Education Fund & 2013 Honoree

“We established our Banatao Family Filipino American Education Fund with the Asian Pacific Fund in 2002 to help California high school students of Filipino heritage pursue careers in science and engineering, where Filipinos are underrepresented. We hoped to inspire students to dream big, use their opportunities to contribute to society, and make their dreams a reality. We have always been passionate about education and its ability to transform lives. This scholarship has allowed us to use philanthropy to pass on our family’s values. Our whole family is working together to benefit our Filipino American community, and APF has been very involved in helping us achieve our goals.”

Board Member & 2014 Honoree

“With the rising incidence of hate crimes against Asian Americans in recent times, the need for community support, awareness programs, and protective measures is more urgent than ever. The Asian Pacific Fund is focused on addressing these critical points. Furthermore, I strongly believe that APF is not just an organization – it is a beacon of hope and a pillar of support for the next generation in the Asian community.”

Partners & Former Board Member

“Congratulations to everyone at the Asian Pacific Fund on your 30th anniversary. As Korean American immigrants, we consider ourselves fortunate and blessed to be part of the APF’s mission to serve our community and its critical role in supporting those often marginalized and overlooked. We’re excited to continue building on the APF’s success and elevating the Asian American and Pacific Islander community to even greater heights in the years ahead.”

Chair of the Board

“Now is our time! Even as the Asian American and Pacific Islander population and representation reach new highs, grantmaking dollars designated for AAPI communities have been going down and sit an order of magnitude lower than the roughly 7% AAPI U.S. population. And yet, needs are greater than ever after the most vulnerable AAPIs have weathered Covid-19, AAPI hate, and economic challenges. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to work via the Asian Pacific Fund to reverse that trend for our community and for all who support our mission.”


“I have had the honor of working alongside the Asian Pacific Fund for decades. To start, I was Master of Ceremonies for the very first event for the scholarship program ‘Growing Up Asian In America,’ and I’ve been involved ever since. I’ve done news stories and segments for my NBC Bay Area talk show ‘Asian Pacific America’ on APF-supported businesses and entrepreneurs making the Asian American and Pacific Islander community thrive. Lastly, I’ve enjoyed being MC for many APF Gala celebrations and, yet, never got booed off the stage, which shows the generosity and patience of APF and its supporters.”

Board Member, Treasurer

“My family and I are pleased and proud to support the Asian Pacific Fund’s steadfast efforts to enhance the lives of all Asian communities in the Bay Area.”

Founding President & Executive Director

“Thirty years ago, leaders like Chang-Lin Tien, Jerry Yang, Emerald Yeh, Larry Lowe, Ray Ocampo, Andrew Ly, Mona Lisa Yuchengco, Bob Lee, Arun Sarin, and Osamu Yamada—and later joined by Kyung H. Yoon— gave us proof of concept of the benefits of a comprehensive charity when led by a Board of Directors who are trusted business, education, and community leaders. A decade later, a second generation of leaders was fueled by Nelson Ishiyama, Peter Chung, and David Chun. The Asian Pacific Fund is far more than identifying unmet needs; of equal importance is helping donors fulfill their charitable goals and nurturing the next generation of Asian philanthropists.”

Former Advisory Council Member

“The Asian Pacific Fund has been such a critical source of support, inspiration, and leadership within the Asian American and Pacific Islander community for over three decades, especially to those in greatest need. It’s been an honor and privilege for me to be part of the APF’s journey, and to support its efforts to drive positive change in the lives of so many AAPIs, including the youth who will lead our community into the next generation.”

Emeritus Board Member

“When we hear someone from outside our race say, ‘We all look the same,’ we take issue with that and become offended. Yet, in all honesty, there is something true about that comment. We just need to look in the mirror and see the similarities. Beyond appearances, we, as Asian Americans, do share similar immigrant stories. We are often impacted by ‘glass ceilings’ and hate crimes, we are fiercely proud of our roots, and we often know friends and relatives who are in great need and could benefit from our help. Therefore, the Asian Pacific Fund became a great place to focus my energies on our common bonds.”

Founder, Growing Up Asian American & Advisory Council Member

“‘Growing up Asian in America,’ a signature program of the Asian Pacific Fund launched in 1995, provided a unique platform for Bay Area Asian youth to creatively explore and deepen their understanding of what it means to be both Asian or Pacific Islander and American. This program was created through partnerships with media, corporate sponsors, and educators to elevate and amplify the voices of our youth and watch their growth over the decades of the contest. I am proud to be a co-founder of ‘Growing up Asian in America’ with Gail Kong and APF.”

Partner & 2020 Honoree

“We are honored that the Asian Pacific Fund recognized our Founder, Jeremy Lin, in 2020 for speaking out about being Asian American and the importance of representation and empowerment in the Asian American community during a pivotal time. We are grateful for organizations like APF that strengthen the Asian American and Pacific Islander community in the Bay Area by supporting nonprofits that serve our most vulnerable community members.”

– Jeremy Lin Foundation

Founding Chair of the Board

“When I was asked to be Asian Pacific Fund’s first board chairman, the name (Asian American Community Fund) and the purpose (to be an ‘Asian American United Way’) were quite different. We strongly believed APF should become a community foundation, even after we were told that 9 out of 10 new community foundations failed. I’m so gratified that APF is not only still here 30 years later but is stronger than ever. I’m also proud that APF is a vibrant pan-Asian organization, given the fears some expressed back then that Asian Americans could never work together. Here’s to another 30 years of continued success!”

Advisory Council Member

“The Asian Pacific Fund has continued to lead the way for elevating and supporting critical community services for the Asian American and Pacific Islander population in the Bay Area for decades. I am proud to be supporting their work that is essential for so many organizations that are overlooked by many foundations. We have to fight for people to recognize the importance of lifting those in the AAPI community in need, and APF is at the forefront of that fight.”

Former Board Member

“Happy 30th Anniversary to the Asian Pacific Fund! I started to support the fund 15 years ago and served on the Board for four terms. APF solely depends on private donors to fund Bay Area community organizations that serve our most vulnerable Asian American Pacific Islander individuals. I feel tremendous pride in the impact that the APF has. Supporting the APF fills me with pride from knowing I’m a part of something greater – a collective endeavor that tangibly enriches lives. The APF is a beacon of hope and progress, working tirelessly to uplift AAPI communities and create a brighter future for all.”

Board Member

“I cherish community organizations that roll up their sleeves and get to work. I’ve been involved with the Asian Pacific Fund for nearly 20 years and see its impact on the Bay Area Asian American and Pacific Islander community. I immigrated to the Bay Area from India in the late 1970’s, and this place has changed dramatically. Beyond the wonderful stories of successful Asian Americans, there are also members of our community who struggle. The APF helps them to recover and inspires them to succeed.”

Advisory Council Member & 2017 Honoree (Minami Tamaki LLP)

“I was fortunate to be an early Board Member of the Asian Pacific Fund. It was appealing because it reflected a similar vision we adopted some years earlier at the Asian Law Caucus when we opened our doors in 1972. Our common visions were to uplift the invisible, disempowered, and often reticent Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. But the APF brought new and needed contributions – funding and education, generating and inspiring a multitude of donors to reject the fallacy of the ‘Model Minority’ and give to support our underserved communities. It has been a bright light of hope to us all.”

Emeritus Board Member

“Congratulations to the Asian Pacific Fund and everyone who helped us achieve this milestone. I am proud of the organization’s work to benefit, empower, and otherwise serve the Asian American and Pacific Islander community and to have been a member of its first Board of Directors, as Chair of the Board, and as an Emeritus Board Member. I am grateful to have been part of a caring and uplifting organization, the success of which warms my heart, and I appreciate the contributions of everyone involved in furthering the mission of the APF. Thank you!”


“In 2021, during a pivotal period for our organization and the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, the Asian Pacific Fund was among the 384 organizations to receive generous support from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. This transformational gift to the Fund has allowed us to think beyond our present needs and imagine a new role with even greater impact – one that builds upon our 30 years of history and enables us and our affiliates to shift the needle on issues that can improve the lives of not only marginalized AAPIs, but the broader Bay Area community.”

– Carolyn Wang Kong, APF President & Executive Director

Partner & 2009 Honoree

“I love our Asian Pacific community. We embrace our commonalities and also celebrate what is richly different. Many of us have families who have overcome hardships, and with our success, we return to help those who now face similar difficulties. They may include needs we were previously unaware of, hidden by the ‘Model Minority’ myth. Lou and I are grateful that the Asian Pacific Fund has the heart and acumen to identify and fund a wide range of programs geared to those who might otherwise be unheard and unseen. Each year, I am moved to tears by the uplifting stories of those who found hope and their own strength, and who now pledge to provide hope to others.”

Founding Board Member & Chang-Lin Tien Leadership in Education Award Program

“Chancellor Tien’s pathbreaking example shows the power of enhancing institutions by moving toward greater diversity and inclusion. I strive to continue his legacy by enriching equity for all students, staff, and faculty.”

– Daryl Joji Maeda, 2023 Chang-Lin Tien Leadership in Education Award Recipient

President & CEO, Wallace H. Coulter Foundation

“2023 not only marks the 30th Anniversary of the Asian Pacific Fund, but it is also the 20th year of partnership with the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation. APF has always been a thoughtful and strategic partner, and it was at APF that Coulter developed our three core values: funds to invest internally, funds to invest externally into the community, and something the Board of Directors remembers well, the BOD challenge match. We are especially proud that our funds helped create the Chang-Lin Tien Leadership on Education Award, launched the first ever 2010 Census sub-grants to the greater Bay Area and the development of civic engagement as an essential element of building power for the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander community.”

Former Board Member

“Building a strong, thriving Asian American community that leaves no one behind takes resolve, perseverance, and sustained commitment. That is what the Asian Pacific Fund is all about. The Fund directs its resources to urgent needs and the most vulnerable groups. Whether it’s grants to agencies, workshops, public education, or advocacy – all of it is made possible through philanthropy to APF. Together, we can continue to build a legacy of impactful giving for generations to come.”

Former President & Executive Director

“For the past 30 years, the Asian Pacific Fund has played a critical role in mobilizing resources and raising awareness to address the urgent and complex needs of the Bay Area’s most vulnerable Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Core to their efforts has been supporting organizations that are deeply rooted in their communities and, in many cases, are a lifeline for the AAPI youth, families, and seniors that they serve. I couldn’t be more honored to have been part of APF’s inspiring and impactful journey.”

Emeritus Board Member

“The Asian Pacific Fund’s work for Asian American and Pacific Islander communities helps mobilize action needed to improve AAPI advocacy, power, and representation around the Bay Area. The work is essential to support and unite the increasing social and economic challenges faced by our communities by helping to build bridges and a foundation to catalyze resources and enhance awareness.”

Founding Board Member & 25th Anniversary Honoree

“The Asian American and Pacific Islander community is one of the treasures of the Bay Area. It provides a sense of home and is a source of inspiration for many of us. Yet, we cannot forget about those who face hardships and challenges every day. The Asian Pacific Fund works to support, strengthen, and safeguard our community as its many needs emerge and evolve. It’s been a privilege to have been there from the start and a joy to have been in the journey since.”

Former Board Member

“Thirty years ago, the Asian American community was invisible. APF brought together leaders and activists in the different Asian communities to discuss issues important to us and to find solutions. APF gave us a voice to elevate our visibility. APF opened the doors for numerous community organizations who would otherwise not have had access to these resources and, at the same time, connected donors to the needs of the community. I am proud and honored to have been part of this groundbreaking endeavor to make the Asian American community united and stronger.”

Seed Funder

“United Way Bay Area originally funded the Asian Pacific Fund in the early 1990s, recognizing APF’s commitment to support the vital interests of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our partnership with APF has continued over the years, most recently with our collective work on ensuring an accurate and fair 2020 census count among chronically undercounted communities. The culture, values, influence, and leadership of the AAPI community contribute to the rich diversity and success of our region, but we also recognize that many of our AAPI neighbors continue to need our collective support to thrive. UWBA congratulates APF on its 30th anniversary and is proud to be among the recipients of its ‘30 for 30’ Award.”


“As a scholarship recipient, alumni, and partner of the Banatao Family Filipino American Education Fund, I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact of the Asian Pacific Fund in uplifting communities. In addition to volunteering for the foundation, I have launched alum support programs and mentored bright Filipino scholars pursuing careers in STEM. I have also led philanthropic efforts to raise funds for creating opportunities in the areas of education, innovation, and entrepreneurship that benefit Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders globally.”


“My contributions to the Asian Pacific Fund center on engaging with Filipino American undergraduate students as part of the Banatao Family scholarship community and guiding them to follow the curiosities that will shape their educational and professional arcs. As a former scholarship recipient, I felt the indelible mark of this special community on the trajectory of my own journey. I believe in continuing its spirit of actively giving back and strengthening the community to enable young Filipino Americans to thrive.”


“Learning more about each other and respecting one another’s culture allows us to come together in unity. My experiences have shaped me into the person I am today. I am free to be me because of Asian Americans that are paving the way for young individuals like me. I am lucky to live in a time where Asian Americans are becoming more recognized. I am no longer the kid who hid her stinky dumplings, instead, I am a proud Asian American who is free to be me.”

– Words by Aubrey Ilasco, Best In Class, Grades 6-8 & Artwork by Daeun Jung, Best In Class, Grades 6-8


“The Asian Pacific Fund’s nonprofit affiliates are the heart and soul of our organization. These Asian American and Pacific Islander-serving nonprofits serve as our community’s safety net, providing invaluable services ranging from health and mental health to workforce development, youth and senior services, education programs, and much more. As we celebrate three decades of the APF, we are proud to continue expanding our affiliate network to more than 90 AAPI-serving nonprofits, all of whom continue to inspire us. We have only been able to accomplish all we have over these 30 years because of their unwavering dedication and courageous commitment to our AAPI community.”

– Carolyn Wang Kong, APF President & Executive Director