2018 Essay Winners

K-2nd Grade

Best in Class

Asian American Dreams
Oreli Horta Ho, 2nd Grade

Honorable Mentions

My Hope for Korea
Camille Hahm, 2nd Grade

3-5th Grade

Best in Class

Grizzly Bears, Polar Bears, and Panda Bears
Delphine Hahm, 4th Grade

Forgive and Go On Together
Sachi Hannah, 5th Grade

Honorable Mentions

A Spanish-Speaking Asian Girl Growing Up in America with Two Moms
Quincy Fong-McAdams, 5th Grade

My Vietnamese and American Heritage: Tet and Nerf Guns
Xander Mann, 4th Grade

6-8th Grade

Best in Class

Fly Higher
Jessica Cheng, 7th Grade

Music From the Heart
Shannon Ma, 7th Grade

The Voices of a Dream
Thanhthanh Nguyen, 8th Grade

Honorable Mentions

Adrianne Baik, 7th Grade

What I Hope for the Future
Farrah Javed, 7th Grade

My Hopes for the Future
Grace Navarro, 8th Grade

A Vietnamese American Smoothie
Kerri Tran, 7th Grade

9-12th Grade

Best in Class

Growing Up Asian American: Krispy Kreme? Or Kimchi?
Albert Chang-Yoo, 9th Grade

Because She Has Hope
Prameela Kottapalli, 11th Grade

Chinatowns in Color
Valerie Wu, 11th Grade

Honorable Mentions

Take the Leap
Mayu Alten, 10th Grade

The Playground
Putu Saoirse Anggreni, 12th Grade

Shiela Tran, 12th Grade

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