Congratulations to our 2016 Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered the 2016 contest. You all have contributed to making this year’s program another success! 

Check out the winning entries below: 

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Look out for the commemorative 2016 Growing Up Asian in America poster coming to Bay Area libraries next month during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!

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2016 Contest Theme:


In celebration of the 2016 Olympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro this summer, we invite you to think about one person in your life you would honor with a gold medal. Who would you honor—whether in your family, school or community—and why?

  • Is there someone you look up to, such as a role model?
    Who is it, and why?
  • What would the honor of the gold medal be for? What does this person do that is extraordinary or special to you?
  • What does giving someone a gold medal mean to you?
  • What would the gold medal look like? What symbols or emblems would be illustrated in the medal, and why are they significant?
  • How would you present your gold medal?

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