2017 Winning Entries

Letter to the Senator

Diversity In Our Schools from Asian Pacific Fund on Vimeo.

Reflecting on our recent election, we asked students to explore and express what they believed were important issues that Senator Kamala Harris, California’s new senator and the first Indian American and second African American woman elected to the U.S. Senate, should address. Students voiced their concerns around topics such as immigrant and refugee protection, access to education and language services, racial justice, and environmental protection. They also revealed a heartening perception of the United States in which they saw a country where diversity ties people together, a country at peace with other nations, and a country made of immigrants that welcomes immigrants. Students also sent messages of encouragement to Senator Harris to make a changes for the state and for the country.

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Thanks to the support of our media sponsor, NBC Bay Area, we were able to showcase some our winners on “Asian Pacific America with Robert Handa”! Click on the links below to watch clips:

Growing Up Asian in America 2017 Overview and Keira Zhang
Abigail Cheng and Charlene Tonai Din
Manasa Ayyala and Brian Chou
Award Ceremony Highlights