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In the San Francisco Bay Area there are 1.5 million Asian Americans. The success many Asians have found in the business community and in higher education have misled people into thinking that Asians have no needs. In fact, there are as many Asian children who grow up in poverty as in the general population. In special areas such as mental health, primary health care, domestic violence, and navigating the public school system, Asians face unique challenges that typically receive no public attention in the mainstream media.

The Fund has taken on selected public information projects to address some of these needs. Often we have found partners who support or are directly involved in the development of the project, and we have sometimes aligned our grants to community based organizations to further our public education goals.

The specific Asian needs that our public information projects address are: depression among Asian elderly women, childhood obesity, earthquake preparedness and recovery, and Asian American heritage.

Childhood Obesity and Weight-Related Illnesses

Childhood obesity has risen dramatically recent years, and the percentage of Asian American children in California at risk for becoming overweight has grown faster than for any other ethnic group. The problem is also substantially underreported for Asian American communities because of Asians who have normal or average body mass index (BMI) are in fact at much higher risk for weight-related health problems than children of other ethnic groups with the same BMI. The Asian Pacific Fund made grants to address this emerging problem, and we continued other work to help reverse this troubling health trend.

Earthquake Preparedness and Recovery

There is a 63% chance that in the next 25 years a major earthquake of disastrous magnitude will occur in the San Francisco Bay Area where the Asian American population exceeds 1.5 million, 17% live in poverty and many lack enough English proficiency to use regular media resources.  Still, until recently, no outreach had been done to reach bi-lingual communities (Asian nor Latino).

Dream in Color - Asian American Heritage in the Classroom

The Asian Pacific Fund is a proud partner of Target and Scholastic in presenting the Dream in ColorSM project, launched in April 2008. We believe this national curriculum project is the first to address multiple Asian ethnic groups in lesson plans for grades kindergarten through 12 that celebrate Asian American heritage. Dream in Color encourages students to embrace and celebrate the diversity in their classrooms and communities, and we applaud Target's investment in this project.

Healing the Spirit – Depression Among Asian Elderly

Suicide among Asian elderly women - Elderly Asian women have the highest suicide rate of any racial or ethnic sub-group in the United States. A major cause of this is depression. In response, the Asian Pacific Fund produced Healing the Spirit, a health education film that discusses the symptoms of depression among the Asian elderly.

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