Education Programs

Education is a high priority for all Asian Americans, and the Asian Pacific Fund supports a broad range of education programs for youth from kindergarten through college. The Fund has invested resources to ensure that young people understand and value their Asian heritage, have more opportunities to complete a college education and to ensure that there are Asian role models in the highest levels of university life.

Growing Up Asian in America is the largest program celebrating Asian heritage in the nation. The program consists of an annual art and essay contest for students in kindergarten through twelfth grades. The carefully chosen themes invite students to reflect and express their perceptions and experiences as Asian Americans in America.

Scholarship programs consist of twelve different scholarships that vary in award amount and eligibility requirements, but all award distinguished students for their academic excellence, ability to endure hardship or pursue higher education as Asian Americans.

Chang-Lin Tien Education Leadership Awards honor the legacy of the former Chancellor of UC Berkeley and notable scholar. Annually, this program recognizes the accomplishments of two Asian American academic leaders and awards grants for the leaders to continue their excellence in the same spirit of Chang-Lin Tien’s career.

Our continuous efforts to enhance the academic career of Bay Area Asian Americans and celebrate their heritage are represented by the Growing Up Asian in America, Scholarships and Chang-Lin Tien Awards programs.



Growing Up Asian In America

Growing Up Asian in America, a signature program of the Asian Pacific Fund, is one of the largest celebrations of Asian heritage in America. It serves as a community resource, helping people of all backgrounds better understand the experiences of young Asian Americans and learn more about life in a place as diverse as the San Francisco Bay Area.


The Asian Pacific Fund is pleased to manage many scholarships programs. All are made possible through contributions from individual donors who start programs to fulfill personal charitable goals.

Chang-Lin Tien Education Leadership Awards

The Chang-Lin Tien Education Leadership Awards program annually honors an Asian American who has significant academic accomplishments and the potential to advance to the highest leadership levels in higher education. The purpose of the awards program is to recognize and promote the professional development and advancement of Asian Americans as leaders of colleges and universities.

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