The Problem of Childhood Obesity Among Asians

Excerpted from remarks by Thuy Vu, Board Member and Journalist at the 2009 gala

About one-third of Asian American kids do not eat their daily recommended portion of fruits and vegetables. In fact, 45 percent of Asian kids eat fast food on a daily basis, compared to only 33 percent of white kids.

Also, studies show Asian high school boys have the lowest participation rate in after-school sports, while Asian girls have the second lowest participation rate, right behind Hispanic girls their same age.

The information is so alarming, we wanted to respond on as many fronts as possible: like raising awareness in the general population by mounting a media campaign. You’ll see helpful reports on Asian childhood obesity featured in these multi-lingual publications by early next year.

We also are sponsoring a session for doctors and health care professionals at the National Childhood Obesity Conference.

We also worked on this health problem with the various agencies that have received grants from the Fund. We ran workshops that targeted everything from teaching kids to cook healthy Asian food… to putting on a health fair in Oakland.


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