2010-2011 Grants

Newer Asian Immigrants and Emerging Problems

2011 grants supported by the annual campaign focused on newer Asian immigrants and emerging problems.  Many agencies requested assistance for working with Burmese, Mongolian, Himalayan, and Cambodian populations, who often have poverty rates that exceed 50%. 


Grants are made through a competitive process. The 2011 volunteer grants committee members who advised the Asian Pacific Fund Board of Directors were: Kaying Hang, Associate Director, Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees; Darien Louie, Director, Public & Private Partnerships, East Bay Community Foundation; and, Hoa Tran, Corporate Philanthropy Manager, Silicon Valley Community Foundation. The committee recommendations were reviewed and approved by the Asian Pacific Fund Board of Directors.

Grant Recipients:

Asian Health Services to a) increase access to medical care for Burmese and Mongolians through outreach with parenting classes for mothers, and b) support Cambodian girls who are at risk of sexual exploitation - $25,000

Asian Law Caucus for legal services to low-income Asians in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties especially those with landlord-tenant or employment problems or those who need immigration assistance - $10,000

Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach for a legal clinic in Oakland, especially for Mongolian immigrants who are vicitms of domestic violence, fraudulent practices, or have other legal problems, to be conducted in partnership with the First Mongolian Christian Church - $15,000

Asian American Center of Santa Clara County for gang prevention education programs especially for Vietnamese youth in schools and a community awareness campaign through Vietnamese media - $20,000

Center for Asian American Media, best known for sponsorship of the Asian American Film Festival, to produce a video project by Himalayan youth in partnership with Sahayeta, a Bay Area Nepali alliance, providing these youth an educational opportunity to value their heritage and document their immigrant experience - $15,000

Chinese for Affirmative Action to support a) research on emerging needs for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning populations of Asians and Pacific Islanders, and b) the development of an education and acceptance campaign for newly arrived immigrants - $15,000

Lotus Bloom Child & Family Resource Center, a multi-cultural child care program in the International Blvd. section of Oakland, for a parent education curriculum for Chinese and Cambodian parents with an emphasis on sex education - $12,000

Maitri to support direct services for South Asian victims of domestic violence and child abduction especially in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties - $15,000

Oakland Asian Cultural Center, which sponsors cultural programs including performances, workshops, festivals, school tours, classes, and exhibitions, to foster intergenerational and cross-cultural dialogue, cultural identity, collaborations, and social justice, a grant for a collaborative project with the "GER" Youth Center of Mongolian language and folk dance classes - $10,000

Vietnamese American Community Center of the East Bay to provide incubation resources (office space and consultants) to newer immigrant communities to increase organizational capacity - $13,000

Donor Services Examples: 

Richmond Area Multi-Services is a mental health agency in the Richmond District of San Francisco that provides individual counseling, consultation services for public high schools students, residential care, and vocational and employment services for people with mental health and developmental disabilities. The Fund identified for a donor a counseling program for Filipina girls and their families to address intergenerational conflicts and ensure their high school graduation - $10,000.

Asian Law Alliance, Asian Law Caucus, Citizens for a Better Community, Family Bridges and Vision New America – The Alliance and the Caucus provide legal services and advocacy for low-income Asians in Santa Clara, San Francisco, San Mateo and Alameda Counties.  Citizens for a Better Community and Vision New America are civic organizations and Family Bridges is a senior service agency.  The Fund made five grants for a voter protection project to monitor compliance with the Federal guidelines for bi-lingual materials and services in Chinese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese during the November 2010 mid-term elections in Alameda, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara Counties - $40,000 



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